GX 57

Reference Supplier Language
Operating guide/Body maintenance GX 57 04 00 0919 00 HEULIEZ BUS FR
Workshop instructions books  
Body electrical file (basic) A00011 HEULIEZ BUS FR
SEEM CTPL belt tension controller A00163 HEULIEZ BUS FR
Clamps with tension springs A00019 HEULIEZ BUS FR
Verification of steering ball socket play 04 00 0963 00 HEULIEZ BUS FR
Mounting of "tight steel-plate" external sheet metal A00024 HEULIEZ BUS FR
Door with external wandering A00002 HEULIEZ BUS FR
Troubleshooting system for emergency doors with ext. Wandering 04 00 0990 00 HEULIEZ BUS FR
Mounting of windshield on rubber 04 00 0993 00 HEULIEZ BUS FR
Replacement of the lower-part window Euramax bonded side window A00151 HEULIEZ BUS FR
Welding of carpet A00034 HEULIEZ BUS FR
Use of glues and sealing mastics 04 00 0998 00 HEULIEZ BUS FR
"PNA" prepainted sheet metal paint 04 00 1001 00 HEULIEZ BUS FR
Assembly via SIKAFLEX 265 FC polyurethane glue A00037 HEULIEZ BUS FR
Paint appearance (defects and causes) A00038 HEULIEZ BUS FR
Operation of "BOSCH" battery isolation switch 04 001007 00 HEULIEZ BUS FR
How to start a vehicle up with external assistance A00043 HEULIEZ BUS FR
Welding on vehicle A00054 HEULIEZ BUS FR
Fitting a demisting potentiometer button A00016 HEULIEZ BUS FR
Spare parts catalogue all HEULIEZ BUS vehicles (CD-ROM) A00097 HEULIEZ BUS FR
B10B chassis spare parts catalogue. …2696 (microfiche) 212484 VOLVO TRUCKS UK
Spare Parts catalogues  
Spare parts catalogue all HEULIEZ BUS vehicles (CD-ROM) 0005942201 HEULIEZ BUS FR/UK/SP/DE


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