The industrial facilities

World Class Manufacturing

The manufacturing activities extend over 23 000 m2, entirely covered.

The installed industrial capacity corresponds to a daily production of 3 tractions. But it has been designed to be able to respond quickly to any change in rhythm in the various models produced.

The assembly line for the entire GX range covers several halls. It regroups the welding activities of the various stainless steel structure items (side panels, body roof, front and rear ends). Composite shaped panels or parts, already painted with the customer's final colour, are then bonded onto these structure elements. Then comes assembly, with these items being bolted onto the chassis where the floors and floor coverings will have been bonded beforehand.

The assembled vehicle then goes to a finishing hall, where all the inside equipment is mounted (driver's cab, seats, doors, electrical equipment).

The vehicle then undergoes the last mechanical adjustments before going on to inspection, where the following operations take place: static control, water proof test, and rolling on nearby roads.

The last halls are reserved for steel plating and chassis modification, and for the painting shops where various types of decorations can be carried out.

The industrial organization is modeled on the application of the World Class Manufacturing program. This system bases itself on the continuous optimization to eliminate waste and losses in the production process.”


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